Questions de marchés


Voici un nombre de questions posés lors d’une entrevue pour le poste d’assistant à un arbitragiste à Londres
What has the bond market done in 2008 and what do you expect to see in 2009?
Where will UK, US, EU rates be in 2009?


What have equity markets done in 2008 and how do you expect them to perform in 2009?
If you had to invest in a company / sector today – which one would you choose and why?
Do you think the performance of airline stocks should be positively or negatively correlated to the oil price?
Which is higher – the cost of debt or the cost of equity?


What were the biggest currency themes in 2008?
How do you expect major currencies to perform in 2009? (£, $, Euro, Yen)

Matières premières

What have commodity prices (agricultural/metal) done in 2008 and what do you expect them to perform in 2009 and why?
What do you think the price of oil will do in 2009?
What do you think the Chinese economy will do in 2009 and how will this affect commodity prices?

Crise financières (2007-2009)

Which economies are the worst hit?
How has the attitude towards risk taking changed in the last one year?
If you had £100 pounds today, what would you do with?
Which asset class has been the best / worst performer in 2008? What is your expectation for the same in 2009?
Is US entering an economic cycle similar to Japan in the 1990s?
What does a relatively high PE ratio mean?
Are we in inflation or deflation?

Connaissance générales

Know the basic current macro-economic picture: interest rates, GDP, effect of oil price on market, effect on equities vs. bonds, performance of indices (FTSE100 today vs 1 year ago).