Apprendre à modéliser avec l’ex-banquier Ed Bodmer


Pourquoi ce livre plutôt qu’un autre ?

Il enseigne bien sûr comment créer des modèles financiers à partir de rien.

Mais sa grande utilité en fait est de mettre en relief les grands problèmes de modélisations financières et d’y apporter des solutions en vous montrant pas à pas comment les mettre en œuvre.

Aussi, de par son expérience, l’auteur fait un bilan de toutes les grandes gaffes de modélisations qui ont fait sauter bien des secteurs et vous montre comment les éviter.


Corporate and Project Finance Modeling

A propos de livre

The goal of Corporate and Project Finance Modelling: A-Z Reference of Theory and Practice is not only to show you how to do solve a modeling problem, but also to explain the finance theory underlying why you should construct your models in a particular way. To address modeling issues ranging from the fundamental structure of financial models to creation of user defined VBA functions that resolve circular references, each topic is introduced with theoretical discussion clarifying why the issue is relevant from a financial perspective. Theoretical topics that precede explanation of step by step modeling mechanics cover different corporate structures, valuation in the context of project finance corporate finance and acquisition finance, cash flow waterfalls, credit analysis in corporate and project finance, debt structuring, determination of items that should be in the bridge between enterprise value and equity value and many other subjects. The modeling subjects are also described in the context of patterns of valuation mistakes and whether a particular aspect of modeling could have avoided some of the common and recurring financial blunders. After the theoretical discussion, modeling problems are explained on a step by step basis with many diagrams and screen shots from actual models.

Ressources en ligne offertes par Ed Bodmer

The website contains hundreds of customised exercises, many template project finance, corporate finance and acquisition models in a wide variety of different industries and a number of video explanations and case studies. In addition, you can download a number of practical tool including utilities to read PDF files into excel; to make automated waterfall charts; to automatically color cells linked to different sheets.

A propos de l'auteur

Edward Bodmer provides financial and economic consulting services to a variety of clients, he teaches professional development courses in an assortment of modeling topics (project finance, M&A, and energy) and he is delivers courses for the University of Texas. His consulting activities include developing complex project finance, corporate and simulation models, providing expert testimony on financial and economic issues before regulatory agencies, and advisory services to support merger and acquisition projects. In addition, Professor Bodmer has been involved in formulating significant government policy related to electricity deregulation; he has prepared models and analyses for the Asian Development Bank; he has evaluated energy purchasing decisions for many corporations; and, he has provided advice on corporate strategy. Professor Bodmer has taught customized courses for MIT’s Sloan Business School, Shell Oil, Society General, General Electric, HSBC, Citibank, CIMB, Lindlakers, HSBC, Saudi Aramco and many other energy and industrial clients.

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